Anne Ilsøe

Anne Ilsøe is Associate Professor at the Employment Relations Research Centre (FAOS), Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. She researches the digitalization of work and labour markets from the perspective of segmentation, industrial relations and institutional theory. In recent years, she has developed considerable expertise in the field of digital labour platforms using a variation of research methods from interview to survey, register and digital data. She has collaborated with leading scholars and published in leading journals such as British Journal of Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and European Journal of Industrial Relations. Together with Trine Larsen she is currently PI for the VELUX-financed research project, ‘The Digital Economy at Work’ (2020-2023) and lead on the WP ‘Self-employed, independent work, and new forms of externalized, flexible contracts’, which forms part of the collaborative project ‘Future of Work’ funded by Nordic Council of Ministers (coordinator Fafo, Oslo University) (2018-2020). In 2019, she was appointed member of the Council of Sharing Economy by the Danish government. Read more about Anne's work by clicking here.

Anne was a participant in the podcast 'The Nordic Model at Risk?: Conversations on Regulation'.