Fredrik Söderqvist

Fredrik Söderqvist is a PhD student in industrial economics at the Blekinge Institute of Technology and The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, and economist at the Swedish trade union Unionen. His research focuses on the impact of technology on the Swedish industrial relations system, in particular trade union responses to the platform economy. Writings on this include an essay in the Policy Network’s ‘Work in the Digital Age’ (2018), ‘A Nordic approach to regulating intermediary online labour platforms’ (2017) for the European Trade Union Institute, and the Swedish report ‘Plattformsekonomin och den svenska partsmodellen’ (2016). His current research project documents the bargaining process between employers and unions by recording its rulemaking output over time. Fredrik was previously an expert to the Swedish Government’s Digitalisation Commission. Read more about his work by clicking here.

Fredrik was a participant in the podcast 'The Nordic Model at Risk?: Conversations on Regulation'.