Carl Marklund

Carl Marklund is a researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History, Södertörn University. His research examines social planning, geopolitics and images of Sweden, e.g. in the Global South. You can read more about Carl by clicking here.

He contributed to the following podcast along with Andreas Mørkved Hellenes and Byron Rom-Jensen:

Contributions to

Södertörn University just outside Stockholm, where the podcasts were recorded at the Institute of Contemporary History.

2020.04.15 | Podcast, Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, Byron Zachary Rom-Jensen, Carl Marklund, The Nordic Model, Nation building

Podcast: The Nordic Model: Heaven or Hell?

Since the interwar years, foreign observers have regularly portrayed the Nordic countries as well functioning states, successful in solving crises, with happy populations; in short as good societies. Why did this happen? Are the Nordic countries the way they are simply because they are in a relatively safe corner of the world? Because they have…