Janne Holmén

Janne Holmén is Associate Professor at Uppsala University and he also has a research position at Södertörn University. His main research interests are historiography, textbook research, educational history, identity and island studies. Most of his research has concerned modern history (1800 onwards) and he has focused on comparative studies in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. You can read more about Janne by clicking here.

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Janne Holmén is Associate Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

2021.02.15 | Podcast, Janne Holmén, Education, Public policy, Södertörn University

Sweden: Uncovering Nordic Education and Society with Janne Holmén

This podcast tackles a wide-range of factors about the educational systems of the Nordic countries, focusing primarily on Sweden and comparisons with Finland. On the way, it answers the following questions: Why does the Finnish education system have such a good reputation around the world? After decades of reform, is the Swedish education…