Lill-Ann Körber

Lill-Ann Körber is Professor of Nordic literature, media and culture, School of Communication and Culture - Scandinavian Studies at Aarhus University. Her work represents a cross-Nordic, interdisciplinary, and interarts approach and involves the literatures and cultures of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, Sápmi, and the former Scandinavian colonies in Africa and the Caribbean, stretching back from today to the 19thcentury. You can read more about Lill-Ann Körber by clicking here. 

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2020.08.03 | Film, Lill-Ann Körber, Globalisation, Multiculturalism, Aarhus University

Film: Nordic postcolonialism

What does postcolonialism refer to when talking about the Nordics? The arts may be the foremost field where we can learn about Nordic postcolonialism judging by the steadily growing number of art works, films, performances and literature dealing with the subject. But, the lens of postcolonialism - or decolonialistion - also importantly allows for…