Lysiane Lasausse

Lysiane Lasausse is a doctoral researcher in History & Cultural Heritage at the University of Helsinki (Finland). She is a Nordic region expert as well as a game studies researcher. You can read more about Lysiane Lasausse by clicking here.

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Nordic Nóir is often related to tv series, film, and literature but the genre is also relevant in describing video games. Photo: Mark Cruz, Unsplash. Public Domain.

2020.08.11 | Article, Lysiane Lasausse, Media, Nordic Noír

Video games as societal critics of the Nordics: Case studies in Game Nóir

Just like Nordic Nóir, video games are not only a form of entertainment, they also provide alternative perspectives on their respective countries, region and societies. These perspectives tend to differ from the projected positive images of the Nordic region, as they often focus on flaws and struggles. Video games, with their wide influence, can…