Miika Tervonen

Miika Tervonen is a Senior Resarch Fellow at the Migration Institute of Finland, a Docent at the Centre for Nordic Studies at Helsinki University and Chair of the Nordic Migration Network. For more information about Miika, click here.


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Miika Tervonen is Senior Research Fellow at the Migration Institute of Finland. Photo: M. Tervonen.

2021.05.21 | Podcast, Miika Tervonen, Minorities, University of Helsinki

Finland: Uncovering Nordic Myths of Homogeneity with Miika Tervonen

Nordic societies are often seen as based on a social contract whereby citizens do certain things from cradle to grave and the state, in return, will look after them. The history of the Nordic nation/welfare states is fraught with tensions and boundary-drawing, however. The historical rise of national in-groups, 'Us', has also produced excluded…