Beate Sløk-Andersen

Beate is a post-doctoral researcher at Copenhagen Business School. She is currently exploring processes of inclusion and barriers to diversity in military organizations as part of the research project Gender Equality, Diversity and Societal Security funded by NordForsk (2018-2021). For more information about Beate, click here.   

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Members of the armed forces on exercise in Sweden. Photo: Johannes Jansson,, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

2020.09.01 | Article, Beate Sløk Andersen, Gender, Culture, Education, Copenhagen Business School

Humor in the military professions: a case study on exclusion in the Nordics

In principle, all levels of the male-dominated professions in the Nordic countries are accessible to men and women alike. But, informal processes of exclusion may interfere with gender integration; an extensive use of humor can, for example, interfere with women’s attempts to become part of the military profession. While military organizations are…