Helena Kaarina Blomberg

Helena Blomberg is a professor of Social Work and Social Policy and Vice Rector at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. Her research interests regard attitudes toward welfare policies in a comparative perspective and policy changes and agenda-setting power in the welfare state. In her latest project, she focuses on how various, concurrent tendencies of decentralization and individualization, as well as centralization and standardization regarding social services and last-resort benefit systems affect welfare provision and service outcomes among different vulnerable groups in society.

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Support for the welfare state remains in the Nordics, even by those at the opposite ends of the political spectrum.

2019.06.25 | Article, Helena Kaarina Blomberg, Pauli Kettunen, Public policy, Governance, Research, University of Helsinki

The Nordic welfare state: staying fit-for-purpose

There have been drastic changes to the political and economic climate since the inception of the Nordic welfare states in the twentieth century. Changes are required to meet the needs of today’s populations. People are less static than they once were; their roles both in and out of the job market change over time, and integration with the…