Kirstine Helboe Johansen

Kirstine Helboe Johansen is Associate Professor in Church History and Practical Theology at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University. You can read more about Kirstine's research interests by clicking here.

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Religion unfolds in non-traditional spaces at Christmas time. Photo: Annie Spratt, Unsplash.

2019.12.11 | The Quick Read, Kirstine Helboe Johansen, Elisabeth Tveito Johnsen, Belief systems, Research

Celebrating Christmas at the edge of religion in Scandinavia

Christmas is the most important celebration of the year in the Nordic countries, but it is celebrated in a way that goes beyond its original Christian origins. It develops in areas that are not religious per se, such as in shopping centres, schools and in public and private broadcasting. These non-religious spaces become bearers of cultural…