Laura Bjørg Serup Petersen

Laura Petersen is a PhD-student at the School for Culture and Society, Aarhus University. Her research interests are within the field of practical theology, namely, the role of empirical research in theology, interreligious and ecumenical relations, and migrants and refugees encountering Danes in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. For more information about Laura Petersen click here. 

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There has been an increase in Danish churches opening their doors to non-Danes and non-Christians generally and specifically through intercultural activities. Photo: Brian Dreyer, Colourbox.

2019.03.29 | Article, Laura Bjørg Serup Petersen, Belief systems, Multiculturalism, Research, Aarhus University

Intercultural encounters in the Danish church in 2010s

The church as a social caretaker became less common throughout the 20th century as the Nordic welfare state increasingly took over this task. Churches which engage in social activities are arguably reclaiming this role, such as the increasing number of churches in the Danish People’s Church engaging in intercultural activities. These local…