Niels Kayser Nielsen

Niels Kayser Nielsen was a lecturer at Aarhus University. His main areas of research were Nordic history, Eastern European history, sports history, uses of history, nationalism, border culture and food culture. You can see his profile on by clicking here.

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History can be many things. Even the most well-established works of history are written with a certain focus, disregarding some narratives while highlighting others. The same goes for TV productions, museum exhibitions, and all the many other ways in which history is used. Photo: Colourbox.

2020.12.10 | Outlook, Niels Kayser Nielsen, Media, Culture, Aarhus University

Uses of Nordic history

The 'use of history' is the term used to denote a combination of selecting, emphasising and overlooking people, events and epochs taken from history. These aspects are to be found in the pool of historical knowledge that we share and are usually identified with the intention of promoting certain interests. In the Nordics, as elsewhere, these…