Peter Aronsson

Peter Aronsson is currently Vice Chancellor at Linnæus University and is a well-known Swedish historian. He has a PhD in history from Lunds University (1992). He has published widely in Swedish and English, and takes a particular interest in the role of historical narrative and consciousness with respect to influencing direct action. He has also focused on historiography and the uses of the past in historical culture at large. Click here to read more about Peter's work.

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The Northern lights, closeness to nature...the Nordic region has long had a persistent presence in the European imagination, but what is the 'Nordic'? And isn't it really characterised by the ability to change? Photo: Andrew Gook, unsplash.

2021.02.09 | Outlook, Peter Aronsson, Region-building, Reputation

The power of Nordic culture to transform Nordic history

The real or imagined cultural history of the Nordic countries (taken individually, in small groups or in their entirety) is a useful tool not to be disregarded lightly. The assets of Nordicity can be seen from varying perspectives, including the anthropological, ideological and the political. But the path of Nordic culture needs to be trodden with…