Richard Cole

Richard Cole is Assistant Professor of Medieval European History at Aarhus University. He has published extensively on medieval Scandinavian topics, and his first book is forthcoming from the Viking Society for Northern Research, The Death of Tidericus the Organist. Plague and Conspiracy Theory in Hanseatic Visby. He has previously held positions at Harvard University, the University of Notre Dame, and University College London. For more information about Richard, click here.   

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Can traits from the conquering Vikings be found in modern capitalism? Photo: York Archaeological Trust.

2021.01.14 | Podcast, Richard Cole, Reputation, Business, Aarhus University

Podcast: The Vikings and Capitalism

In the ninth century, the word ”viking” in many parts of Europe would have conjured up a terrifying image of violent maurauders teeming forth from their longships and inflicting unspeakable carnage. Today, the word ”viking” is invoked in all sorts of contexts, from underwear and hand-dryer brands to the fantasies of business and management leaders…