Vibeke Sofie Sandager Rønnedal

Vibeke is currently studying for her Master's degree in history at Aarhus University.

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Picture: Maiken Ingvordsen, Unsplash.

2021.05.19 | Podcast, Mikael Frausing, Wulf Kansteiner, Vibeke Sofie Sandager Rønnedal, Aarhus University

Shaping the Nordic Past

Our ideas of a the past are shaped by many things: Historical stories on the news or in a museum, a book or a TV programme. We are showered in history every day in our homes, on the streets where we live, and through advertising and political messaging. Even our very identities are bound up with history as they are informed by our historical…

Should racist depictions in children's literature be erased? Is erasure an important part of rewriting history and trying to right historic wrongs, or will it lead to a sanitisation and neglect of important aspects of our past? Photo: Colourbox.

2020.12.17 | Article, Vibeke Sofie Sandager Rønnedal, Culture, Minorities, Aarhus University

Racism in classic pieces of Nordic children's literature

Some of the most beloved figures in Nordic children’s literary classics from the 20th century are rooted in narrow-minded caricatures, and racial prejudice can be so subtly embedded in many older pieces of literature that even contemporary readers are blinded to it. The discussion surrounding the republishing of some of these controversial books…