Helle Strandgaard Jensen

Helle Strandgaard Jensen is Associate Professor at Department of History and Classical Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark. Her work focuses on contemporary childhood and media history in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the US after 1945. You can read more about Helle by clicking here.

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"the greatest enemy of children’s culture is that which is authoritarian and uninspiring" (from principles put together in 1969 at a symposium hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1969). Photo: Unsplash.

2019.06.03 | Article, Helle Strandgaard Jensen, Culture, Media, Research, Aarhus University

How to raise your parents: Scandinavian children’s television in 1970s

Children’s departments in Scandinavian broadcasting corporations (in Denmark, Norway and Sweden) were clearly influenced by the call for equality and the influence of principles arising from the 1968 movement. Producers of children’s programmes worked extensively to democratise children’s television by, for example, taking children’s wishes and…