Eirinn Larsen

Eirinn Larsen is a professor and historian on modern Norway and Scandinavia/Norden at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her research lies within subjects of gender history, feminism, emotions, the history of knowledge (including modern historiography), entrepreneurship and business. Currently, she is leading the interdisciplinary research project Nordic Branding: The Politics of Exceptionalism financed by the UiO:Nordic. Her recent book Gender Equality and Nation Branding in the Nordics (eds.) is being published in June 2021 by Routledge. Click here to read more about Eirinn Larsen.

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Eirinn Larsen is Professor at the University of Oslo.

2021.06.02 | Podcast, Eirinn Larsen, Gender, Business, University of Oslo

Norway: Uncovering Gender and Branding in the Nordics with Eirinn Larsen

The Nordic countries are usually seen as much more gender-equal than just about anywhere else in the world. In this podcast, Eirinn Larsen business and gender historian and editor of Gender Equality and Nation Branding in the Nordic Region explains how gender is used as a tool for branding the Nordics. She also talks with Nicola Witcombe,…