Heidi Rautalahti

Heidi Rautalahti is a doctoral candidate and researcher in the study of religion and game studies at the University of Helsinki. Her research concerns contemporary religion discussions among video games and gamers. She has studied critical religion discourse in games as well as player narratives of meaningful encounters with games. For more information on Heidi, please click here.

Heidi was a participant in the podcast along with Ylva Grufstedt and Lysiane Lasausse.

Contributions to nordics.info

Photo: Fredrick Tendong on unsplash.

2020.11.18 | Podcast, Heidi Rautalahti, Lysiane Lasausse, Ylva Grufstedt, Media, University of Helsinki

Podcast: Gaming the Nordics

There is no doubt that gaming is important when about a third of the world’s population play video games. But how are video games used to explore images of the Nordic region? What place do video games occupy in terms of cultural representations? To what extent can video games be considered part of a cultural hegemony from a historical culture…