Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

Andreas is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Culture and Society, Aarhus University, and is currently involved in the project the Nordic model(s) in the global circulation of ideas, 1970-2020. You can read more about Andreas' work by clicking here.

He contributed to the following podcast along with Byron Rom-Jensen and Carl Marklund:

Contributions to

Södertörn University just outside Stockholm, where the podcasts were recorded at the Institute of Contemporary History.

2020.04.15 | Podcast, Andreas Mørkved Hellenes, Byron Zachary Rom-Jensen, Carl Marklund, The Nordic Model, Nation building, Aarhus University, Södertörn University

Podcast: The Nordic Model: Heaven or Hell?

Since the interwar years, foreign observers have regularly portrayed the Nordic countries as well functioning states, successful in solving crises, with happy populations; in short as good societies. Why did this happen? Are the Nordic countries the way they are simply because they are in a relatively safe corner of the world? Because they have…